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  • Halt to Concessions - WA#03
    Halt to Concessions - WA#03

    Large Scale Mining

  • In the first three quarters of 2017, foreign investment in oil and mines was a mere $69 mn, lowest in the decade and down -69% y-o-y. (WA#03)

  • The price of Ecuadoran crude rose in $3.7/b in October to $50.4/b. The price markdown from WTI shrank to -$1.1/b. Based on the assumed prices for PetroEcuador and the reduction in the price differential it is to expect that Ecuadoran crudes averaged about $53.4/b in November and would average $55.6/b in December. (WA#02)

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    In December, after meeting with Conaie, which opposes large-scale mining, President Moreno ordered a mining concession halt. Minister Córdova explains this is just a temporary measure while the authorities review whether present concessionaires are abiding by regulations. The President also called to a referendum to be held on February 4 which incl...


    The economy moves at the tune set by foreign debt disbursements. Last year, net disbursements clustered in June and October. So the economy picked up in the third quarter, and then again in November and December. There is no money now in the till, and the authorities announced they are going after a Eurobond placement soon. What makes a new debt...

  • 01.- ON YOUR OWN

    2017 was a better year than 2016; there was a moderate recovery in the price of oil, which opened the financial markets, and all the spending was good to have the economy grow between 1.0% and 1.5%. Lenin Moreno won the presidential race and as soon as he was sworn in, a struggle for power with Rafael Correa ensued. It has become clear, however,...