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  • Markets on the Fence - WA#37
    Markets on the Fence - WA#37

    September indicators overview

  • From 2013 on, Ecuador has persistent fiscal deficits that exceed 4% of GDP. The coded 2018 Budget establishes as goal the reduction of the global deficit to $4.1 bn or 4.0% of GDP. The primary deficit (excludes interest payments) would fall to $1.8 bn or 1.8% of GDP. (WA#35)

  • In 2017, foreign investment in oil and mines was a mere $65 mn, lowest in the decade and down -57% y-o-y.  In the first quarter of 2018, there is a recovery to $124 mn, best quarter since the last one of 2016. (WA#36)

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Weekly Analysis Briefs


    The Superior Court of Azuay interpreted question 5 of the February referendum as an anti-mining mandate. It remains to be seen if this interpretation holds. The Court decision is the most resounding success of the anti-mining forces, led by Ecuarunari, who attacked the first mining operation to start production, Rio Blanco. Ecuarunari threatens ...


    In the first seven months of the year, total public expenditure decreased -5.4% y-o-y. The totality of this contraction is due to a strong reduction in public investment while current spending continues to rise. Less public investment and better revenues allowed the deficit in the first seven months of 2018 to be reduced by - $ 1.6 billion. Fina...


    On August 21, President Moreno announced the price hike of Super gasoline to $2.98/gallon, which will again be delivered at 92 octanes. To increase the octane rating from the current 90, the authorities consider additivation with high-octane alcohols. The government will convene a national dialogue to find the best way to focus the $3 bn in subsidi...