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  • Jobs Up Smoke - WA#28
    Jobs Up Smoke - WA#28

    Poverty indicators

  • In the second quarter of 2018 urban EAP is 5.4 mn, down -2.7% y-o-y. This is the smallest number of adequate urban jobs in five years. (WA#28)

  • The price of Ecuadoran crude rose $3.2/b in May to $63.5/b. The price markdown from WTI was $6.3/b. Based on the assumed prices for PetroEcuador and the price differential it is to expect that Ecuadoran crudes averaged about $61.6/b in June and would average about $65/b in July. (WA#27)

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Weekly Analysis Briefs


    Jobs shrank sharply in the second quarter, both when compared to the first quarter, and with the second quarter of 2017. A breakdown of data suggests that the public administration has been quietly shedding deadweight from the beginning of the Moreno administration, while business cut jobs sharply in April-June. Adequate jobs have been shrinking...


    There was a lengthy-high profile visit of an IMF Mission, newsworthy inasmuch as it highlights the normalization of relations between Fund and Ecuador. The Mission granted an accolade to the authorities, and country risk fell. The Mission, however, highlighted the challenges that the authorities face. In the last month, against the forecast of m...

  • 26.- SLOWDOWN

    In the Correa decade, growth depended on government spending, and since 2015, government spending has depended on external financing. Now external financing have become scarce, and the authorities are committed to reduce financing needs chiefly through spending cuts. While necessary, this will slow down the economy. We think that in the last qu...