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  • Will Employers´ Contribution Increase? - WA#03
    Will Employers´ Contribution Increase? - WA#03
  • Social security faces a challenge: the number of people covered grows faster than the number of contributors. By 2018, each contributor had to finance the coverage of 2.56 people (in 2015 it was 2.40). The cause: demographic reasons such as birth rate fall and longer life expectancy. Also, last decade’s policy of coverageexpansion. (WA#03)

  • There is a consensus that 2018 ended at about 1.1%. For 2019, The IMF forecasts .7% and Eclac .9%. The official prevision is 1.4%, on the strength of oil output. BCE sees estimates growth of industries other than oil at .6%. (WA#02)

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    Social security is going through a delicate situation that has caused that, since 2016, it must dip into its savings to finance operations. In three years, it has used up $5.41 bn of its savings.  The government is preparing the ground for a social security reform that would allow restoring its sustainability.   The BIESS seeks businesses that m...


    This year there would be minimal economic growth, according to official forecasts. The IMF and Eclac estimate GDP growth of under 1%. BCE estimates growth at 1.4%, but heavily dependent on the development of the Ishpingo oilfield. Oil aside, BCE estimates 2019 growth at .6% The prevision is that household consumption and capital formation are bo...


    What a turnaround in 2018. The President continued with his purge of Correa stalwarts in the government and other State institutions, and by end-year he has completed it. At mid-year, he made a turnaround in economic policy, now more market-oriented. The proposed economic adjustment, however, falls short of expectations, and the government has r...