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  • More Ecuador in the World - WA#21
    More Ecuador in the World - WA#21

    Foreign trade first quarter

  • In rolling 12-month periods, non-oil exports increased 29.2% to March. They total $19.4B, $4.4B more than in the same period of 2021. Behind this acceleration is strong growth in exports of shrimp and mining products. (WA#21)

  • Tax revenues in January-April are up $1.7B and 34% y-o-y, and $1.0B and 17% higher than in the same period of 2019, the recent peak. (WA#20)

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    Russia's invasion of Ukraine turned weaponized world trade through blockades and embargoes. In the medium term, there will be a reconfiguration of the globalized world, of production chains and financial markets. The integration will take place between blocs of ?friendly? countries. Russia has been pushed into China's sphere of influence. This inva...


    The IMF announced it approved the advances of the economic program, which means a $1B disbursement is in the way. The increase in tax revenues which surpass with ease the program goals trumped the setbacks in the structural reforms, both the stop in the fuel price hikes and lack of progress in development legislation. Internal revenues shoot up ...


    The appointment of Ítalo Cedeño ended a 16- month hiatus in which PetroEcuador was rudderless. The appointment of Xavier Vera as Minister of Energy solves the conflictive relationship between ministry and corporation. PetroEcuador is now aiming at maximizing its upstream assets and increasing significantly its oil production in the short term. T...