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Business Model

The goal of developing your business model is to create, develop and capture value using the step-by-step method and ending by capturing its model on the canvas. Developing an idea implies defining the concept, making a proposal, and evaluating it according to criteria, so as to strengthen your idea. 

Development of business plans

The main value of your business plan will be to create a written project that evaluates all its organizational and financial viability aspects, in addition to the analysis of the growth expectations of the market. Preparing and maintaining a business plan is important for any undertaking, regardless of their size or line of business.


It is essential for entrepreneurs to acquire strategic, organizational, commercial, and financial planning tools, as well as to understand their importance in the growth of their businesses. Grupo Spurrier has consultants with broad entrepreneurship experience for small and large firms. In addition to the consulting services they provide, the goal of the mentor is to help you build a business plan, as well as to fine-tune your elevator pitch and provide feedback for your business idea.


Another fundamental tool to obtain resources is networking. The goal is to approach benchmark businesses in your industry and create your own network of contacts. This includes contacts with financial entities, technicians, potential clients, and investors. This service allows you to validate, structure, strengthen, or modify the validity of your business ideas, based on conversations with real actors.