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Open seminars on current issues, key for the development of your business activity.

Detection of training needs and design of comprehensive training plans adjusted to the needs of the client.

In-house training:


Human Development

  • Training trainers
  • Business Leadership: skills and competencies in management
  • Outdoor training: integration and motivation workshops
  • Effective  communication and teamwork
  • Crisis management


  • Financial assessment of projects
  • Budgeting for non-financial entities
  • Budgeting based on macroeconomic scenarios
  • Corporate finances
  • Strategic planning and management indicators

Sales and Customer Relations

  • Leading successful sales teams
  • Building your sales team
  • Development of key sales skills
  • Customer care
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution techniques

Business Management and Improvement

  • Preparing a business plan
  • Innovation, growth and diversification
  • Value proposition
  • Market research techniques
  • Development of business models