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A report of Grupo Spurrier, founded in 1970 by Walter Spurrier. For over 35 years, it has provided advice to companies, social organizations, public relations groups, legal offices and government agencies regarding their economic and political decisions through its Weekly Analysis magazine. Its director is Walter Spurrier Baquerizo and its editor is Alberto Acosta Burneo.


  • Each week, Weekly Analysis addresses a current issue of political and economic relevance.
  • It offers updates of the most important legislation published in the Official Registry in recent days.
  • It delivers brief information on events and opinions that might go unnoticed.
  • Twice a month, it offers an update of economic indicators and of the CAMEL Bank index.


Subscribers to Weekly Analysis enjoy discounts in all services offered by Grupo Spurrier:Economic Counseling

  • Conferences open to the public on Political-Economic scenarios
  • Private conferences
  • Strategic planning
  • Business Management
  • Market Surveys
  • Training
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Each subscriber receives a free virtual password to access our Weekly Analysis publication via the Internet, in addition to the CAMEL and economic indicators.